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Profibus controller in PMC format

Eching, Germany, March 12, 2002 - The PMC253 Field-Bus Controller now supplements the product range of PROFIBUS controllers from Kontron. The 32-bit module with PMC form-factor has been designed for harsh industrial environments and conforms to the standard EN 50170.

The basis of the PMC253 is the EC-1, a system-on-chip solution (SOC) which integrates a Siemens ASPC-2 PROFIBUS Controller and high performance 16-bit CPU (Turbo 186) on one chip. The 32-bit card is versatile in application: It is predestined as a Profibus DP V1 Master of Classes 1 and 2, but can also serve as a slave interface connection. All standard baud rates up to 12 Mbaud are supported.

Regarding the operating system that is used, the field-bus controller is very flexible: The application programming interface (API) is set on a dual-ported memory whereby the programming is arranged the same for all the supported operating systems -- Windows, Linux and VxWorks. A system configurator is available for fast integration into Profibus networks.

Despite many years of experience with field bus systems, Kontron has decided to enter into co-operation with Hilscher GmbH from whom this product originates. Consequently, the enormous wealth of experience obtained by Hilscher as a well-known field bus specialist can be used to good advantage and enables close focusing on Kontrons own core capabilities.

The PMC253 PROFIBUS Controller will be introduced at the Embedded Systems Exhibition in Nuremberg and will be available from March 2002.

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