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Kaufbeuren, Germany, October 8th, 2002 - Kontrons latest single-height CompactPCI expansion card, the CP372, is designed for the connection of eight (optionally four) analog outputs. It is the fourth expansion card in the course of Kontrons I/O development initiative for CompactPCI system solutions from one source. Together with the three other I/O boards (Digital In, Digital Out, Analog In) introduced during the last twelve months Kontrons new I/O system is now complete according to PICMG 2.0 Rev. 2.1 for the latest sensor/actuator interfaces. The boards are employed when the highest reliability is demanded, e.g. in process automation, drives and measurement as well as in mobile applications such as aircraft navigation.

The plug & play board has a resolution of 12 bit and supplies an output current of 0..20 mA per channel. The output voltage is adjustable on the software side via API (Application Programming Interface) to 0..5V, 0..10V, +/- 5V or +/- 10V, substantially simplifying the configuration of the versatile output board. The analog outputs, protected electromagnetically (EMI) and electrostatically (ESD) are short-circuit proof and electrically isolated up to 2 kV from the digital side. The CP 372 offers an excellent basic accuracy of +/- 1 LSB and a theoretical MTBF of 181,000 hours. The CP 372 is consequently predestined for use in reliable and safety-critical applications ? where required, also in the extended temperature range of -40 to +85?C.

For the CP 372 output card, Kontron offers support for all current operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows NT, Embedded NT, VxWorks and Linux (on request). Due to the in-house developed API, the CP 372, along with the other boards from the I/O concept, can easily address established visual display tools such as LabView or AgilentVee.

The connection of the actuators occurs via a 62-pole DSUB front connector. Kontron can also provide appropriate connecting plugs and adapters for all current actuator connections on request.

The CP 372 is available from October 2002.

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