Three Telcom Trade Journals Name ICS Advent´s C4ATX Chassis "Product of the Year"

SAN DIEGO, CA (December 20, 1999) ICS Advent, formerly Industrial Computer Source, announced that its C4ATX chassis series was recently named "Product of the Year" by three leading telecommunications journals. Computer Telephony, Internet Telephony and Communications Solutions (formerly CTI) all labeled the C4ATX chassis series from ICS Advent as "one of the years most significant new products." A fully integrated, high-value system solution, the C4ATX is ideal for many rack-mount applications in computer telephony, IP telephony, network serving, Internet Service Providers and other high availability, mission critical applications. Introduced in the summer of 1999, the C4ATX is the companys first true e-commerce product.

Robin Savage, ICS Advent Manufacturing VP stated, "Were the first and so far only manufacturer selling full-featured build-to-order system-level solutions on the web with standard next day delivery. If you order your C4ATX by noon today, youll have your system tomorrow."

With over 35 basic system permutations available, the C4ATXs flexibility and highly competitive pricing provides desktop users with an easy, cost-effective transition to the world of rackmount systems. Designed by ICS Advent, the C4ATX provides the following standard system features:

Choice of Celeron or Pentium. III processor
64MB RAM expandable to 128MB
Choice of hard drive capacities
Choice of Windows NT or Windows 98
Floppy, CD-ROM and hard drive pre-installed, plus one additional 5.25" drive bay

A number of other important system features are also standard with the C4ATX, including a 260W ATX 2.1 power supply with high volume cooling fan, a lockable access door to protect system drives and a hold-down clamp to secure installed cards on the motherboard.

Founded in 1985, ICS Advent is the industry leader in mission critical applied computing solutions for computer telephony, telecom, industrial control and other high-reliability applications. ICS Advent is a marketing partner with 3Com, Dialogic, Natural Microsystems, Novell. The company is a Gold member of Microsofts OEM System Builders Program and an Intel Applied Computing Platform Provider (ACPP).

For further information, visit ICS Advent on the Internet at , or call (800) 523-2320.

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