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Deggendorf, Germany, July 2002 - Since the number of OEM customers wishing to outsource the development of CPU boards and the peripherals attached to them is on the increase, and internal development capacities are insufficient to meet this demand, Kontron (formerly JUMPtec) has launched the ?ETX ? Certified Partner Program? (ECPP). Its objective is to guarantee the quality and longevity of an entire system. To achieve this, Kontron certifies companies in order to ensure that carrier board development and integration of ETX CPU modules right through to system integration are all in accordance with the ETX standard. Certification would also help a company to bring complex systems to the production stage in the minimum amount of time.

Companies able to quote themselves as being an ETX Certified Partner have undergone intensive training from Kontron?s field application engineers and have subsequently passed a set examination. They then become part of the Kontron ETX Community, which promotes the transfer of technology and the exchange of experience and ideas within the ECPP. This thus ensures that ETX Certified Partners for OEMs are able to transform the most complex requirements into working solutions within the shortest amounts of time.

The ETX Certified Partner Program was first launched in Germany. It is now being expanded to cover Europe and it should achieve worldwide coverage in the midterm future. The first companies to acquire the ETX Certified Partner certificate are: ies Industrie Elektronik Schmitz GmbH & Co. KG, BMK professional electronics GmbH, Diamond Point Internaitonal, Applitec Italy and Asine Ltd. Israel. Companies wishing to take part in the program should register at the beginning of a quarter. More details on the ECP Program can be obtained from

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