Triton acquires around thirteen percent of the shares of Kontron AG

  • Triton has no intention to become a controlling shareholder
  • Further acquisition of shares of Kontron AG dependent on the share price development

Eching near Munich, May 23, 2012. Funds of the investment firm Triton notified Kontron AG on May 23, 2012 according to Art. 21 WpHG that they have acquired 12,87 percent of the shares in Kontron AG. According to Triton an acquisition of additional shares in Kontron AG depends on the development of the share price. Triton is not intending to become a controlling shareholder of Kontron AG.
The Board of Directors of Kontron AG welcomes Triton as a new major shareholder of Kontron AG in addition to Warburg Pincus.

Investor Relations:
Gaby Moldan
Kontron AG
Oskar-von-Miller-Str. 1
85386 Eching
Tel: 08165/77212, Fax 08165/77222

Für weitere Informationen:
Dr. Udo Nimsdorf
Engel & Zimmermann AG
Agentur für Wirtschaftskommunikation
Schloss Fußberg, Am Schlosspark 15,
82131 Gauting
Tel: 089-89 35 633, Fax: 089-89 39 84 29

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