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Multiprocessor and system slot controller on one CPU

Kaufbeuren, Germany, April 19, 1999 - During the past year PEP Modular Computers introduced a multiprocessor CPU, the CP611. Up to seven of these CPU boards can be connected in parallel to the system slot CPU on a CompactPCI system  for example, the CP600 from PEP. This has been made possible by the application of a non-transparent PCI/PCI bridge which prevents the system controller finding and allocating the "hidden" resources of the CP611.

With the CP612 PEP is now introducing a double-height CompactPCI CPU which combines the functions of system slot controller and multiprocessor in one CPU. Apart from the function of the multiprocessor CPU, this CPU can also act as an independent system slot controller through a second CompactPCI interface. This means that a number of CP612s can be inserted into a system, giving a "normal" system slot CPU. Each CP612 can address its own CompactPCI slots via the second interface.

It is particularly with PC CPUs that the interconnection of separate PCs on the same CompactPCI bus is of interest. This is especially the case when different operating systems are running on the autonomous CPUs, e.g. Windows NT for visualization and VxWorks for real-time tasks. With these applications the use of modern CPUs such as the CP612 provides space-saving, economical design and higher performance systems. To this must be added the fact that the CPUs can interchange data between each other via the backplane based on TCP/IP and using a standard software package.

The double-height CompactPCI CPU CP612 is immediately available.

Media Contact:
Susanne Peczler
PR Manager

Irene Hahner
Product Manager

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