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Eching, Germany, June 26th, 2002 - Control technology today must more than ever be placed "in" the machine rather than "on" the machine. This in turn implies that the control computer must be designed to be extremely compact and also able to withstand the harshest of ambient conditions such as high temperature, vibration and shock levels. As a result, Kontron is now launching onto the market the Wallmount Box PC SC-85 for these demanding applications. It is particularly characterised by its open concept and has been kept scalable both in function and performance.

This means the compact PC supports the Intel series of processors through to the Pentium III with 850 MHz (256 MB SDRAM) and the Celeron series with up to 733 MHz. The computer also has available two free PCI half-size slots or alternatively, one half-size PCI slot and an ISA-PCI shared slot. Apart from the standard PC interfaces (2x serial, 1x parallel, 3x USB), the industrial PC also supports currently popular fieldbuses such as Profibus, CAN and DeviceNet.

The standard PC features such as mouse, keyboard, VGA and the optional sound support can be found on the computer, as too can support for CD ROM/DVD/FDD and removable HDD.
The industrial compatibility of the SC-85 is not just apparent through the resistance to vibration, shock and high temperature, but also through the following features:
Wall-mount capability: Using an in-house designed mounting plate, the PC can be simply replaced by unscrewing just one screw (no tools needed).
Easiest service and upgrade of the computer through the Quick Change Mechanism (QCM).
Internal 2.5" HDD on anti-vibration mounts.
Backplane developed in-house; Kontron can therefore guarantee long-term availability.

The Wallmount Box PC SC-85 is available now.

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Gunther Dumsky, Product Manager Stationary Systems
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