X-Board?: Less is More

JUMPtec? AG Develops New Concept for Embedded x86, ARM and PowerPC Modules

Following the successful development and introduction of PISA?, DIMM-PC? and ETX? standards, JUMPtec?, soon to be called Kontron Embedded Modules, is now developing a new standard for high density embedded PC modules. The new PCI and LPC-compatible modules will be part of the new X-Board? product family. These modules will be similar in size to a credit card (67 X 47 mm) and their performance will be comparablewith ETX component SBC? modules. They will feature all of the essential interfaces such as USB, LAN, and serial as well as sound and LCD. Less is more: Since legacy interfaces such as PS/2, floppy and parallel interfaces are being phased out, the X-Board? concept will not include them. The omission of these interfaces allows for the use of ARM and Power-PC processor architectures as well as the usual x86 types, expanding the product?s range of potential applications. ARM processors are often used in small, but fast applications, whereas the Power-PC is popular in military and defense as well as in the telecom sector.

´The X-Board closes the gap between the DIMM-PC and ETX,´ remarked Matthias Huber, product manager Embedded Modules at JUMPtec AG. OEMs that require more power than that offered by DIMM-PC and less of the extensive ETX features have so far been unable to find a compatible solution. The X-Board will provide them with exactly what they?re looking for.

The first X-Board CPU is being developed based on a Geode processor. It comes complete with onboard graphics, 3x USB ports, LAN, sound and PCI/LPC expansion. On board RAM as well as a flash-based storage medium also are included. A RISC-based version and a module with enhanced communication interfaces also are planned for future development. The first designs and starter kits with corresponding baseboards will be ready for release by the end of September 2002.

Although many chip manufacturers offer system on chip solutions, the task of integrating such a solution into an existing system is often a time and resource-consuming process. The new X-Board? modules from JUMPtec offer the perfect solution to this problem. As a complement to modules already in use, JUMPtec will now provide a computer core that is simply mounted onto a corresponding carrier card. This allows new processor generations to be simply snapped into place in both new and existing applications.

For additional information regarding the new X-Board?, contact JUMPtec AG directly.

Developers know that less is more with the new X-Board Standard and remain ?
... always a Jump ahead!

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