Investor Relations

Kontron develops and markets products worldwide

The Kontron S&T AG Corporate Headquarter is located in Augsburg/Germany. Kontron develops, produces and markets products world-wide. With strategic investments into selected enterprises, Kontron concentrates primarily on the telecommunications, automation and infotainment markets. Kontron employs around 1.400 people worldwide. The Stock-Quote link below has a 15-minute delayed stock price data provided by The Deutsche Börse Group.

Why invest in Kontron?

  • Deeply rooted market leader and full-line supplier of ECT products and systems worldwide
  • Strategically well positioned to benefit from significant and sustainable growth prospects – driven by megatrends such as “Internet of Things” (IoT)
  • Enormous potential to raise structural profitability through revenue growth and further cost base and process optimization
  • Strong capital base and solidly financed


Head of Investor Relations

Alexandra Habekost
Tel.: +49 821 4086 114
Fax: +49 821 4086 122

Kontron S&T AG
Lise-Meitner-Straße 3-5
86156 Augsburg

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