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! Important information for shareholder of "Kontron S&T AG" (formerly S&T Deutschland Holding AG) from November 3:

Kontron S&T AG makes free float shareholders offer to repurchase shares at  €3.11 per share

The executive board of Kontron S&T AG has resolved to conduct a program of share repurchasing. This program is addressed to all holders of shares – the 'freefloat shareholders' - in Kontron S&T AG. Its shares are no longer listed on exchanges. The offer foresees the acquisition of up to 2,184,589 shares at a price of €3.11 per share. The offer's term of acceptance is from November 6, 2017, to December 18, 2017.

Please find the corresponding press release here: [LINK]

Please find here the English non-binding translation of the offer document: [LINK]

Offers not comprised in the one for the payment of compensation in cash or the planned shares repurchase program by the S&T Group – such as the one from SCHNIGGE Wertpapierhandelsbank SE from Willich on October 12, 2017, or from Taunus Capital Management AG, from Frankfurt from 18.10.2017- have not been approved by the company.

Consignment of shares in S&T AG

S&T AG, Linz, Austria reported on September 27, 2017 that the term of subscription for former shareholders of Kontron AG came to a successful end. 

On October 13, 2017 S&T AG reported the listing of some 6.6 million new shares on the Prime Standard regulated market segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The issuance of these shares was occasioned by the non-cash capital increase performed by S&T AG. The shares were issued to former shareholders of Kontron AG, S&T Deutschland Holding AG respectively (today's Kontron S&T AG) for exchanging. They thus served as the consignment for the latter shares.

The commencement of listing and the delivery of the new shares took place on October 16, 2017. At the same time the paying out of cash amounting to EUR 0.15 for each new S&T AG share and the acquisition for EUR 3.11 in cash of each S&T Deutschland Holding AG share whose purchase was necessitated by the rounding off of fractional holdings took place. These transactions were performed via the banks holding the shareholders' securities deposit accounts.

Please find the corresponding press release here:

Cash compensation

Shareholders who recorded objection to the exchange of shares in the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Kontron AG held on June 19, 2017, were entitled to lay claim to compensation in cash amounting to EUR 3.11 per share during the two month period commencing on 22.08.2017 and ending on 23.10.2017. This laying of claim caused not be a shareholder of S&T Deutschland Holding AG.

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