4HP Rear I/O interface for a 6U CompactPCI CP6002, CP6003, CP6004, CP6005 & CP6016 card
  • Single slot (4HP)
  • Connectors for 2 local SATA disks
  • up to -40 to +85°C, depending on hard disk type

The CP-RIO6-M is a 4HP Rear I/O interface for a CP6002, CP6003, CP6004, CP6005 & CP6016 Compact PCI card complying to Kontron\'s proprietary RTM pinout.
This RTM unit will provide two SATA disk sockets for RAID0 and RAID1 operation.


Additional Two SATA disk sockets for RAID0 and RAID1
Ethernet n/a
Flash Disk CompactFlash possible with SATA-CF converter
Hard Disk Max. two local SATA drives
Keyboard n/a
Mouse n/a
SATA Two SATA connectors for local disks
Serial n/a
Temperature/Humidity up to -40 to +85°C (depending on hard disk), 93% rel. humidity
USB n/a
Video Output n/a



CP-RIO6-M Introduction Manual
[ 1031-2494_20_sk-man-cp-rio6-m_introduction.pdf, 0.09 mb, 2013/11/27 ]

CP-RIO6-M Users Manual [restrictions apply]
[ 1031-2494_20_sk-man-cp-rio6-m.pdf, 0.2 mb, 2013/11/27 ]

Technical Info

ESD Protection Guidelines
[ 29789_02_sk-man-esd_protection.pdf, 0.13 mb, 2013/11/27 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 0.37 mb, 2015/11/19 ]


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