Edge, fog and cloud applications demand increasing computing power. The interfaces to sensors or machines often require non-standard solutions. Especially in smaller machines, space is limited or restricted in some dimensions which calls for special solutions. To save investments and capacity, the use of a standardized computer and modules in combination with a custom carrier board with special interface electronics and mechanics is needed.

In many scenarios, it is very cost-efficient and service-friendly to maintain ample computing power directly on site. A key enabler for cost-efficiency can be wide scalability as high availability and reliability are generally required in industrial applications. Features, which have been long known and appreciated with standardized COMs. That being said, setting up a scalable computing infrastructure based on these proven module systems is a logical next step and – if wanted – allows for upgrades at a later point.

Kontron’s portfolio with COM Express and SMARC modules, single board computers and embedded motherboards allow full flexibility and a quick start of custom products by using standards, common carrier boards and standardized software products.
The ‘Boards & More’ services provide scalable turn-key solutions for customers, who do not have the capacity or experience to develop full custom solutions. Even carrier board design training will be provided by Kontron specialists.

COM Express

PCIMGの共通規格に完全準拠のCOM Express製品。フォームファクターは、basic (125x95)、compact (95x95)またはmini (84x55) 。ピンアウトは、type 6、2、10。

COMe ベーシック

COMe ベーシックフォームファクタ(125x95mm)、Type 2 / Type 6 / Type 7 ピンアウト

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COMe コンパクト

COMe コンパクトフォームファクタ(95x95mm)、Type 2 / Type 6 ピンアウト

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COMe ミニ

COMe ミニフォームファクタ(84x55mm)、Type 10 ピンアウト

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SMARC - 小型、低消費電力でモバイルなどの組込み用途向けコンピュータ・オン・モジュール。豊富なI/Fに対応する314ピンを装備。小型基板外形に加えて、カードエッジを採用し、高さ方向にも小型化が可能。低消費電力 X86 またはARM SOCを搭載。

SMARC-sXAL (E2) / SMARC-sXAL4 (E2) New

SMARC 2.0 module based on Intel® Atom™ E3900, Pentium® and Celeron® processor series

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SMARC Module with extremely low power NXP i.MX7 series processor, Solo / Dual Core

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SMARC module with Intel® Quark™ processor

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SMARC module with Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 series with extremely low-profile and high graphics performance

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Ultra-low power ARM and SoC-based SMARC Module based on NXP i.MX6 family Solo - Dual - Quad Core.

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Ultra-low power ARM and SoC-based SMARC Module based on Texas Instruments AM3874 up to 800MHz

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Ultra Low-Power SMARC Module based on Nvidia® Tegra® 3

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SMARC Starterkit

The SMARC Starterkit with SMARC Eval Carrier is equipped for express evaluation purposes.

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Embedded 3.5" Motherboard with Intel® ATOM E3815 ® CPUs

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Mini-ITXは、ATXマザーボードと機械的に互換性のある新しいコンパクトな標準マザーボードのフォームファクタ。 コントロンは、長期供給され、多くの産業用途の機能を備えた組み込みMini-ITXマザーボードを提供しています 。

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フレックスATXはマイクロATX互換小さなフォームファクターのマザーボード規格。 フレックスATXマザーボードは、ATXマザーボードと同じ電源コネクタを使用し、他社の多くのCPUボードと互換性があります。

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各種ケーブルを含むアクセサリーキット、LDI(大型ディスプレイインターフェイス)、ライザーカードとDC / DCコンバータを用意。

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