KBox C-100

Industrial Computer Platform for control cabinet applications based on Intel’s® 3rd Generation.
  • Forever Young - modular approach
  • Wide performance span from Celeron class CPU's to Quad-Core class CPU's
  • PCIe x1 low-profile slot for system expansion
  • 24V DC supply with remote control
  • Broad range of interfaces
  • Ready for RTS Hypervisor
  • Ready for CoDeSys
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The KBox C-100 is a control computer with integrated 128kB NVRAM and is tested to support Soft-PLCs as well as hypervisor technologies. It offers easily accessible interfaces on the top (or front) as well as on the bottom (or rear) of the chassis, optimizing the use of available space next to other control cabinet devices. Performance scaled to match the requirements profile is provided by 3rd generation Intel® Celeron® and Intel® Core™ i3 and i7 processors.

With 4x IEEE1588 supporting Gbit Ethernet, 7x USB2.0, 1x RS232, 1 x DVI and PCIe x1extension options for fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet interfaces, it is ideal for deployment in real-time control and visualization computers on the process level of the automation pyramid.



Datasheet KBox C-100
[ datasheet_kbox-c-100.pdf, 0.4 mb, 2016/08/24 ]


K_Box_C_100_V1_00_web_EN [restrictions apply]
[ k_box_c_100_v1_00_web_en.pdf, 3.46 mb, 2014/06/17 ]

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Datasheet KBox C-100
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