Kontron FusionClient

A new Dimension of Visualization
  • Smart automation: predictable productivity in a connected environment
  • Forever young: maximum innovation with a flexible and upgradable modular concept
  • Maintenance-free: reduces TCO and ensures 24/7 operation at utmost longevity
  • Easy customization: based on standard building blocks
  • Enhanced user experience: intuitive, multi-touch user interface enabling limitless holistic ‘single pane of glass’ views
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FusionClient optimizes usability and functionality, empowering solutions architects, systems integrators and machine builders to place the full potential of the Industrial IoT and Smart Automation at users’ fingertips. The innovative and modular FusionClient HMI combines an edgeless, easy-clean, pure glass multi-touch interface with the industry proven performance and flexibility of the Kontron COM Express® Computer-on-Module. Intuitive multitouch access to real-time actionable data makes FusionClient well suited for use with real-time SCADA and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) monitoring and control applications.

Holistic, single pane of glass views of the entire production process across individual or multiple sites will lead to increased productivity and more informed and timely decision making. All FusionClient multi-touch displays are frameless and feature easy-clean front glass which is anti-glare and scratch-proof as well as being IP65 front side protected. Based on the standard 16:9 wide format displays will be available in 12.1”, 15.6”, 18.5” and 21.5” sizes, both landscape & portrait. Wi-fi and LED alarm bar options enable tracking and checking machine issues and their severity. An RFID reader can be mounted behind the glass for enabling highly secure user access.



Datasheet FusionClient
[ fusionclient_industrial_20161013_datasheet.pdf, 0.63 mb, 2016/11/16 ]


FusionClient User Guide Rev. 1.0
Doc ID: 1060-3249 October 13, 2016
[ fusionclient_user_manual_rev_1_0_10-13-2016.pdf, 3.98 mb, 2016/12/06 ]

Board Support Packages

FusionClient WIN10 64 bit BSP R12
[ win10_64_bsp_fusion_client_r12.zip, 223.94 mb, 2016/12/06 ]

FusionClient WIN7 64 bit BSP R12
[ win7_64_bsp_fusion_client_r12.zip, 286.01 mb, 2016/12/06 ]

FusionClient WIN7 BSP R11
[ win7_bsp_fusion_client_r11.zip, 176.79 mb, 2016/12/06 ]

Test Reports

EC Declaration of Conformity FusionClient
Dec 2, 2016
[ ce_doc_fusionclient_215_156_20161202-1.pdf, 0.62 mb, 2016/12/09 ]


Kontron Services Brochure
[ kontron-services-brochure.pdf, 0.37 mb, 2015/11/19 ]


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