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Powerful Rackmount Systems for demanding industrial applications
22.10.2018 - Electronic Specifier

Kontron is expanding its portfolio of powerful industrial and embedded servers w ...

Kontron makes the leap into portable wifi and quickly gains traction
08.10.2018 - Runwaygirl Network

Having studied the possibility of entering the portable wireless streaming marke ...

COM Express Compact Type 6 modul med AMD Ryzen processor
02.10.2018 -

Kontron introducerer COMe-cVR6 (E2) modul med ny AMD Ryzen embedded V1000 proces ...

Kontron introduces portable Cab-n-Connect™ P100 wireless streaming IFE&C platform
25.09.2018 - Aircraft Cabin Management

Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), t ...

5 Minutes With… Val Scinteie, transportation business development manager at Kontron.
21.09.2018 - SmartRail World

The changing face of transport technology is something that fascinates us here a ...

Objets connectés : avec Kontron, le réseau radio LoRa monte à bord du Thalys
19.09.2018 - L'embarqué

Le spécialiste allemand des cartes et systèmes embarqués&nb ...

TRACe EN50155-certified transportation computers
17.09.2018 - Electronic Specifier

Global provider of IoT/Embedded Computer Technology (ECT), Kontron, has expanded ...

Kontron's Canadian subsidiary acquires software company
31.08.2018 - Evertiq

S&T AG announces the acquisition of the Canada-based Inocybe Technologies, a ...

Kontron presents IoT and embedded systems for smart and secure transportation technology at InnoTrans 2018
29.08.2018 - CIE (UK)

Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computer Technologies (ECT), ...

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